Production and build

At JM Transformers, our highly trained coil winding staff have all the experience necessary to carry out virtually any coil winding solution. Our strength lies in producing perfectly wound coils (layer wound) and complex switched mode transformers.

With many years experience within the coil winding industry we have developed a range of machinery and tooling specifically designed for high accuracy, repeatability and high speed production of even the most complex of windings. In particular we are one of a few manufacturers that can deal with miniature windings, who's applications include hearing aids or pick-up cartridges. We can wind these products using wire as small as 0.01mm.

JM Transformers also have a fully equipped tool room to make custom tooling solutions to build your bespoke products.

All units have 100% test using the latest coil winding test equipment and are stringently controlled by our in-house procedures. All products leaving JMT are issued with a certificate of conformity as standard and if necessary a documented test log can be issued.

Transformer ready to be labeled
Various transformers wound and ready